Hello friends,and welcome

Hello! I’m really excited that you found my blog and to start writing and hear from you all! Why I started blogging is that I am really chatty and have so many things to say and sometimes people don’t want to hear it 😦  But there are more people out there!

I love video games and cute animals. I bet more people do too! My 3 favorite animals are cats,owls,and penguins. My 3 favorite video games are minecraft, super mario bros, and pokemon go.

Leave me a comment and maybe we can chat later. Bye!


  1. Hi my name is maryana and i like shopies👩🍜they are food people
    And animal jam🐬I play a bunny i bought a bread hat for her she is brown and has brown choclity chippy marks and. I like perler beads i am making a nodlee cup and i made a yellow heart ❤️and tewtey bird🐥

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  2. Hi! Guess what? I really love video games and cute animals, too! My favorite animals are dogs, sharks and red pandas. I really enjoy playing lego Harry Potter and Pokémon go. I think that you and I have a lot in common. I do hope that you continue to blog about your favorite things. I don’t mind chatty people, in fact, they’re my favorite kind of people.

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