Pokemon Go

I love Pokemon Go, which is a game in our world that you travel around the world catching little monsters called Pokemon. I love the updates that they say are going to come out but never do. Do you want to know why? Niantic only has 70 people on their team:( I really wish those updates would come out. 😦

The updates that I have in mind are region 2,and the trading update.

Region 2 is the one after region 1. They will expand the Pokedex and add in more Pokemon. The 3 starter Pokemon for region 2 are: Todile, Chicorita, and Cyndaquil. I would honestly choose Cyndaquil.:)

The trading update is that if you run into a person you could say  “hey,do you want to trade this Evee for a Pikachu?”. Then you would connect phones, and trade. Pretty cool huh?

But Niantic only has 70 people on their team right? So we are still waiting for them to come out. We do not know when the updates will come out. 😦   Maybe they will get more people on their team. There was a Halloween update so that means progress is happening! If we keep our hopes up maybe they will come out!!

But it is still my favorite game. 🙂

Leave me a comment and let me know how you liked this. 🙂 Bye!

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