For any cat lovers, this is a must read.

OK, I LOVE cats! They are fuzzy and sweet ( some are not ), and some are the cutest!

I found the cutest stuffed animals EVER!! They have a weird name though. They are called Pusheen. They are these Japanese cat stuffed animals, and it’s a chubby gray tabby cat. And she can come in lots of styles, such as, she can wear a Unicorn outfit, she can have a cookie in her hand, she can have a lot of ADORABLE outfits!!

You can look up Pusheen and find a lot of them on Amazon, that’s where I found mine! It’s the Unicorn outfit! 🙂 The company’s name is Gund and they have a lot of really really cute ones! For any adult cat lovers these may be purr-fect for you! Same with kids! I adore these cute little cats, even my little brother is jealous!! 🙂 And if you go to school, they come in clips! Put it on your backpack! Pretty sweet! I have fallen in LOVE with them! And I think you will too.

Sorry this is a short one and I haven’t blogged in a while, but I found these cats and I LOVE them!! So leave a comment if you liked this blog ( and if you like cats ) and if you like cats please tell me and I will see you later! Bye!

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