Multiple Marvel theories -contains spoilers from multiple different movies-


Hey Marvel fans, I’m back with some more theories, and hopefully I’ll get some good answers with these theories from the upcoming movie. Honestly, I’m almost afraid with watching Endgame. First of all, I’m worried that the people that didn’t die during the snap won’t come back. Such as Gamora, Loki, and Heimdall. Actually, I’m mostly concerned with Loki and Gamora. I’d be less scared if both of them were killed during the snap (which for Gamora, wouldn’t be possible) and Loki did say undying, but was killed anyway.


I think Loki would have lived if he didn’t “pledge undying fidelity” to Thanos. He had just given the tesseract to Thanos, which in my opinion, was a little bit suspicious. Then, pledged fidelity? Now THAT is suspicious. So obviously Thanos was skeptical. If I were Loki, I would have given fidelity, but not tried to kill him immediately afterwards. I would have gained his trust and then destroy him and his allies from the inside source.

  1. Real holograms?

There’s a rumor that Loki used one of his holograms to be choked (which if it’s a hologram, then Thanos’s hand would go right through Loki’s neck, which doesn’t make sense.) And then Loki escaped with Valkyrie off the ship.

2. Why wouldn’t the Hulk come out?

avengers-infinity-war-hulk-bruce-banner-997404 You know how the Hulk didn’t come out for like 3/4 of Infinity War? If Loki was still alive, maybe he was pretending to be Banner after he got sent to earth the whole time, so then the Hulk couldn’t come out, and all of a sudden Bruce knew so much about infinity stones too. Then again, Bruce is a scientist so he might know about the infinity stones anyway. There’s a bunch of rumors that Loki has assumed the persona of many characters and gone unnoticed under our noses. (you know, how Loki can use illusions to look like someone else?)

3. Your savior is here?


Another person Loki could be is Scott Lang. (Ant-Man) You see him in a trailer for Endgame at the doors (to a secret base with the remaining Avengers and other characters?) through a camera. His arms are outstretched and he says, “Can you buzz me in?” And usually, outstretched arms is a thing Loki does such as in the scene in Ragnarok “Your savior, is here!”


And another one of my thoughts, in the after credit scene for Ant-Man and the Wasp, Scott Lang goes into the quantum realm to receive some type of particles to help heal Ghost (the so called villain of Ant-Man and the Wasp), and during he’s in the quantum realm, the snap was happening and Hope van Dyne, Hank Pym, and Janet van Dyne all dust away. So how in the MCU does Scott get outta there?? Was Louis in the van? Who the heck got him out of there? For this theory, I have no idea how Scott got out of the quantum realm. That’s just a question that will have to be answered during Endgame.


Sorry about all the theories involving Loki, but he’s like the only person who can shape shift and change his appearance for as long as he pleases. But I still have many, many questions. Will they be answered? I sure hope so! Or else I’ll have even more questions! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed these theories and comment down below to share your ideas.

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