Personal MCU character review (with backstory) : Loki

“I assure you brother, the sun will shine on us again.”


Hey there, I’m kicking off the MCU character review with Loki.

First of all, let’s go back to his earlier years. Loki is the son of the frost giant king Laufey. which makes Loki, Loki Laufeyson. Laufey abandoned Loki when he was a baby, because he was too small for his size. Odin found him, and changed his appearance to look Asgardian. Yet, kept Loki’s true identity a secret to him. If you’ve watched all of the Thor movies, it’s obvious that Odin preferred Thor over Loki. Frigga on the other hand, really did love Loki. She taught him sorcery and how to shape shift. And when Loki finally found out about his heritage, he questioned Odin on why he took him. Sad isn’t it? Questioning why someone took you and saved your life. No wonder why Loki is a slight psychopath. He was never truly loved and he knew he was lesser than Thor and would always be.

 “I never wanted the throne. I only ever wanted to be your equal!”

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Continuing on, I think Loki was always more of an anti-hero. But let’s think about the battle of New York. Loki was a true villain in that movie. Still had his funny charm, but was mind controlling people and had his own Chitauri army. Wanting to rule the world, yes?  But Marvel has just confirmed that in The Avengers (2012) when Loki had the Chitauri staff, which had mind stone inside of it, gifted by Thanos to rule over New York, Loki was just being as controlled by the stone as everyone else was. So was Loki really ever a villain at all?

 “You must be truly desperate to come to me for help.”


Loki did kill people in The Avengers, but like I said. He was mind controlled. He didn’t kill innocents because he wanted to, but killing the evil guys for the good. Such as in Thor: Ragnarok. Loki teamed up with his brother Thor to defeat Hela and her army of the undead. Was he killing people? Yes, but people from the undead army. Was Thor killing people? Yes. Same army, but no one ever acknowledges that. Oh there’s Thor, saving the day! Ugh there’s Loki, killing people. Listen, I have nothing against Thor, but it’s always the good guys that are given awards and stuff. In the battle of New York, all that destruction, do you think no lives were lost? There and to of been at least a few lives lost. No doubt about it.


Loki is my favorite Marvel character. I mean, he’s really cool (go back and look in My opinion on Marvel (the MCU) -warning: contains minor to extreme spoilers- if you want to know why Loki is my favorite character) and actually, Loki is a very popular character. Yet he’s a villain. Loki is misunderstood and not as loved as he should be. Thor loves him, which is the best love you can get. Brotherly love. As I was saying, I feel like if Loki had a better childhood he wouldn’t have been as “evil” as he was now. Loki lived as a so-called villain, and died as a hero. So for my final conclusion, is Loki is a villain or anti-hero? I think that Loki is an anti-hero.

 “I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose.”

Well that’s all for this first MCU character review, I hope you enjoyed. Leave suggestions in the comments on which character I should review next. Farewell mortals!



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