Personal MCU character review (with backstory): Thor



 “Hey, let’s do get help.” “What?” “Get help.” “No.” “Come on, you love it.” “I hate it.” “It’s great, it works every time.” “It’s humiliating.” “Do you have a better plan?” “No.” “We’re doing it.” “We are not doing get help.” — “Get help! Please! My brother’s dying! Get help! Help him!” ——– “Ah classic.” “I still hate it. It’s humiliating.” “Ehh not for me, it’s not.”

Hey there again! This is the next MCU character review. Thor. I like Thor because, well, he’s awesome! That and he’s not like most superheroes. Like Loki, he’s based on a person in Norse mythology (did I forget to mention that in the Loki review?) And like the Thor from Norse mythology, he’s the god of thunder. He wielded Mjölnir, his hammer which helps him control his thunderous powers (see what I did there?) And now Thor wields Stormbreaker, his new hammer as of Infinity War.

 “This drink, I like it. ANOTHER!”




 “You and I had a fight recently.” ” Did I win? ” “No, I won. Easily.” ” That doesn’t sound right.. “

So let’s go back to Thor’s childhood. Thor was Odin’s secondborn, after Hela. Then Loki was adopted into the family. Odin always preferred Thor, for he was his real child. He told Thor that Thor would be the heir to the throne. In front of Loki mind you. Thor always adored Loki and Loki, well, he showed his affection for Thor in different ways. Such as stabbing him. Multiple times. Brotherly love, right? Right.. Carrying on, while Loki was given attention from mostly Frigga, Thor was given attention from mostly Odin.


He was (still is?) an Avenger, and the king of Asgard (but Asgard is destroyed now and half the people are dead).

 “…He’s adopted.”

Personal review time:

Thor is obviously a hero. That’s what he is. Saves lives, wants to protect lives, his own people, and himself. Heroes can be very selfless though. I like Thor because, first of all he’s very funny. He’s strong, really cool, and is more of an actual person. Stereotypical heroes are very monotone and just kinda boring. But I like Thor because he is not. He’s more human, and makes mistakes. Yes, everyone makes mistakes but it seem like heroes don’t ever make mistakes. Thor is not perfect. No one is perfect. That’s what makes us human. Everyone can improve at anything

 “He’s a friend from work!”

Well, that’s all for today with this MCU character review. Sorry it was so short. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, and did I miss anything? I’d love to hear your feedback!


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