Hey guys! It’s good to be back! I have been busy lately and haven’t got around to blogging. I will be continuing the MCU character review series, and I am working on a series of Marvel fanfic! Will be posting those soon. Stay tuned my friends!

First off, Endgame comes out today!! I will be seeing it this weekend. You all know how excited I am because you are too! The wait is finally over! We’re in the Endgame! Would you like a movie review for Endgame? Leave a comment! And, Disney is making a bunch of new Marvel series on their new streaming service that they’re releasing soon, Disney+. Can’t wait! Aaahh I’m totally fangirling out! The new shows have yet to come out and the characters that are getting their own shows are:

1. The Winter Soldier and The Falcon (This one I’m not entirely sure about.)

2. Wanda Maximoff and Vision (it’s going to be called WandaVision.)

3. Loki (yes, the God of Mischief.)

And it has been confirmed that Tom Hiddleston is coming back to play our favorite mischievous god from the MCU. (I’m eternally screaming with excitement) and the Loki show will go into his backstory, adventures, and something else. We don’t know if this has been confirmed yet, but we’ll have to wait. It has also has been confirmed that Elizabeth Olsen will be back to play Wanda Maximoff. Disney has confirmed that the Loki TV show is official, but the others have not been confirmed but they also have been confirmed in a way. There will probably not be anymore information on these shows until this summer, but this is already too much information for my mind to handle! My big question is, are these taking place before, or after Endgame? This would mean a lot for Loki since he was killed by Thanos in the very beginning of Infinity War. And since Loki has a reputation for coming back, I’m crossing all of my fingers that it’ll take place after Endgame. (Don’t let us down now Loki.)

You’re probably wondering, “Why is this girl talking about Loki so much?” Well that my friends, should be obvious. I’m obsessed with Loki. But then again, who knows if you were thinking that.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this blog, did I miss anything? And leave your feedback!



  1. Great post! I am SOOO excited for Disney+ to start up so I can FINALLY see Clone Wars season 7! #CloneWarsSaved! And I can understand your obsession with Loki! I am currently in the depths of obsession with Spiderman 😀 ❤

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    • Thanks! I’m going to binge watch the Clone Wars because you’ve been talking about it a lot I’ve seen in your posts; so many great things about it! I’m totally interested in it now. And I don’t blame you Princess Geek, Spider-Man is amazing!❤️✌🏻

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