Personal MCU character review: Valkyrie (Contains spoilers from Endgame)


Hey everyone! So sorry I haven’t posted in forever! Just haven’t gotten around to it. Well I’m continuing the MCU character review, and today I’ll be reviewing Valkyrie.


You may know Valkyrie as the scrapper from Sakaar, an alcoholic, but all in all, a kick butt lady and strong woman to look up to. Sorry Lady Sif fans, if you’d like I can review her too.


Let’s go into backstory! No one knows Valkyrie’s true name but she does have a scrapper number from her scavenging days on Sakaar (scrapper 142) She was, obviously, a Valkyrie. To those who do not know what a Valkyrie is, in Norse mythology, the Valkyries were maidens that were of the Aseir, and brought the ones who died on the battlefield to Valhalla (heaven in the Norse legends) They flew on winged horses, and were quite beautiful. In our Valkyrie’s story, the Valkyries were warriors of Odin, and when Hela, the Goddess of Death, got too ambitious for Odin to control, he sent the Valkyries to fight her. As Loki said, all the Valkyries died gruesome deaths.

But our Valkyrie went to battle Hela by herself, while most of the other Valkyries were dead, and as we all know, Hela can manifest weapons out of thin air, like Loki. Hela shot out a blade, and as it was going to hit Valkyrie, a fellow Valkyrie who was still alive, jumped out in front of the blade, causing it to impale her. Valkyrie watched in horror as her friend fell dead to the ground, she risked her life for Valkyrie. Hela survived, leaving all the Valkyries dead.


And then Odin imprisoned Hela, for thousands of years, leaving her full of rage, waiting to escape.

We really don’t know how long Valkyrie had been at Sakaar before Thor and Loki arrived, for the battle that which the Valkyries went to defeat Hela, took place thousands of years ago, for both Thor and Loki were not born. When Odin died, his magic died with him. Which means, Hela was free. Hela destroyed Thor’s hammer, and Loki, worried and scared, summoned the Bifrost, bringing the three siblings back to Asgard.


Loki, realizing that Hela was in the Bifrost with them, shot out a knife, attempting to injure his sister. She grabbed the knife, and threw to back at Loki. Hit, Loki fell out of the Bifrost, into the universe. Now Hela was going for Thor. Managing to defeat him, and knocking him out of the Bifrost as well, Asgard was her’s for the taking.


(Sorry for so much Thor Ragnarok backstory. I’ll get to the point.)


Anyways, after Thor arrived at Sakaar, Valkyrie found him and took him to the Grandmaster to make him a contender in the Contest of Champions. Failing in the arena, Thor found an ally in Valkyrie and the two became friends. Loki, not afraid of Valkyrie, agreeded to be partners in defeating Hela. When the two were alone in a room, Loki goes to fight her, and Valkyrie ends up winning. While pinning Loki to a wall, he sees that she’s a Valkyrie.


“I thought all the Valkyries died gruesome deaths.”

”Choose your next words wisely.”

”I’m terribly sorry, it must be a painful memory.”

And then Loki thrusts his hand at Valkyrie’s forehead, seeing her thoughts and back flashes. That’s when we see what happened when the Valkyries went to battle Hela.

Let’s skip to Endgame, yeah? I’m warning you now. Major spoilers ahead so if you don’t want Endgame spoiled, scroll down all the way to the end of this post.

So as we all know, for whatever reason, Valkyrie was absent from Infinity War. Endgame on the other hand, there she was present. We saw her when Dr. Banner and Rocket went to find Thor, who had built New Asgard, and was a depressive alcoholic who played Fortnite all day. (No joke.)

Valkyrie was there and said hi to Banner Hulk and Rocket, and told them where to find Thor. For a good portion of the movie, she was absent once again.

(Sorry about this, I don’t really have any photos from Endgame for these paragraphs)


Skipping to the awesome battle ar the end, when Doctor Strange opens all those portals and everyone who died and didn’t die come out ready to defeat Thanos once and for all, we see Valkyrie in her outfit, with her amazing sword, riding on one of the flying horses.

One of the best parts is when Peter got hold of the infinity gauntlet, Captain Marvel comes over, and Peter says “H-hi, I’m… Peter. Parker.” And Captain Marvel smiles and says “Hey Peter Parker. You got something for me?” And as Captain Marvel walks away with the gauntlet, all of the women characters come out of nowhere (not the place) and Okoye says “She’s got help.” So pretty great scene, I’d say! Oh and here’s a behind the scenes picture of all the women characters in Endgame. But the thing is, they’re missing Black Widow, sadly.


Personal review time:

Valkyrie is most definitely one of my favorite Marvel characters, she’s amazing. She’s not afraid of anyone, and she will not hesitate to beat anyone who stands in her way. Her appearance in Ragnarok was awesome, as she was one of the members in The Revengers. All in all, she’s quite an interesting character and most definitely one to keep an eye on.

That’s all for this review, I hope you enjoyed, and send comments on which character I should review next.


(Also yes I know, all the Thor Ragnarok stuff was all out of order and not in the order of how the movie goes.)




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