Journaling and meditating.

Hello! Thanks for reading my blog! Sorry I  haven’t been posting for a while. 😦   So today I want to talk about journaling and meditating. Starting on Monday I have been journaling and meditating every day, and it has been helping me control my emotions better. To be honest I’m not so good at keeping in my anger… But I think every one should try it.

Meditating is fun because after I do it I feel relaxed and content. Journaling is really fun, and when you start it, it starts to get a little addicting, like you want to tell your journal/diary EVERYTHING. this morning I wrote; Today, this morning is very windy and kinda scary. 🙂 When I first started on Monday I thought to myself, ” What do I write? This is weird.” But today I said to myself, ” What was I talking about? This super fun!”

So, if you feel uneasy, frazzled, or just plain mad, remember this blog you’ve read and try out meditating, journaling, or both!

Sorry I haven’t been posting for while, and this blog might seem a little small… I just wanted to get out there my idea of a good idea for when you are feeling frazzled or mad. It’s a really good way to calm down and feel peaceful and centered.

Thank you for reading my blog and, if you try meditating and journaling please leave a comment so i can reply and thank you for trying my methods! I will try to post more often now, and I hope you will read those blogs too! Thank you for reading! 🙂


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  1. Hi! I hope you all enjoyed my blog, and I will try to comment/reply to all who comment! I think I should take the time to reply to those who comment because you took the time to comment on my post! THANK YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!

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