Breaking down the new trailer for Star Wars episode IX


Hey, I’m back with a brand new breakdown. We’re starting out with the new Star Wars trailer for episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker.

  1. The Rise of Skywalker?

What’s with the title? The Rise of Skywalker. Skywalker? As in, Luke? Anakin? Kylo (I mean, he does have some heritage in the Skywalker family)? What about Rey? Is the title implying that Rey is a Skywalker? Or is it implying that there are many Skywalkers and not just Luke, Anakin and Kylo?

     2. No one is ever really gone.

In the trailer, Luke was narrating it, so we’ll probably see him as a force ghost. In his own words “No one is ever really gone.” And (to Kylo) “See you around, kid.”

     3. Are we finally seeing the knights of Ren?


Near the middle of the trailer, it looks like Kylo is brutally murdering a bunch of mysterious people. Could they be the knights of Ren? But if they were the knights of Ren, why would Kylo be killing them? Is he betraying them? Or has he been betrayed himself?

4. “Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.”


Kylo’s helmet has been reconstructed. By Kylo? By a knight of Ren? Who is going to wear the mask? In my opinion, if Kylo would really “let the past die” he would of left the helmet destroyed. Or would he? If the mask was being reconstructed by someone else..

5. Leia is still alive.


Yet all that happened in The Last Jedi, Leia is still alive and well. The directors said that they’re using old footage from The Last Jedi to use in The Rise Of Skywalker. But sadly, this is probably to most definitely Leia’s last movie. We will all miss Carrie Fisher. Maybe in this movie she’ll play a more different part.

6. Rey has reconstructed a new lightsaber?


At the looks of it, Rey has a white lightsaber. After the events of Luke’s blue lightsaber being snapped in half, Rey has made a new weapon. Although, it does have a slight blue tint to it. And who’s ship is that in background? We are to think that it is Kylo’s special ship.

7. The shattered remains of.. The Death Star?


Wait a second.. Isn’t that the Death Star? As in, the very Death Star from Return of the Jedi? The one that we thought was gone.. Forever? Or so we thought. Looks like the Death Star somehow survived whatever happened to it. And by the looks of it, Rey and crew are going to exploring whatever is left of that wretched place.

8. Who’s medal is that?


That medal, you seen it before. Only in dreams..

That medal looks like the ones Luke and Han were presented with in A New Hope when they succeeded in blowing up the first Death Star. Is it Luke’s? Or is Han’s? And where did it come from? Are those Leia’s hands, or Rey’s hands? Who knows!


Well that’s my breakdown for the new trailer, I hope you enjoyed. I’m actually anticipating December now! Leave a comment if I missed anything, that would help! And as always, May the Force be with you.



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